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Guidelines to Curb the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sequel to the declaration of the Coronavirus as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the discovery of the disease in Ghana on March 12, 2020, Valley View University (VVU) wishes to reinforce the following precautionary measures in full compliance with the directive of the Government of Ghana:
  1. That lectures on all our campuses have been suspended effective Monday, March 16, 2020. Consequently, arrangements are being made to assist students to travel to their respective destinations. Non-resident students are strongly advised to stay at home until further notice. Meanwhile, the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor is working with the ITS Department to reactivate the moodle learning platform to enable online teaching and learning;
  2. That international students and students permitted by the Office of Student Life and Services may remain in residence. However, such students should confine themselves to the University campus except permitted to travel outside;
  3. That students patronising cafeteria and food services should not congregate in their numbers but observe the appropriate social distance protocol;
  4. That all forms of exchange programmes with universities abroad are on hold, and our Adjunct Professors, international affiliates and partners are, therefore, advised against travelling to VVU until further notice;
  5. That staff commuting from distant locations should not report to work until further notice. However, resident employees and those residing around campus and have private cars or stay within walking distances should report to work for the meantime;
  6. That other workers who offer essential services such as security personnel, ITS, Hospital staff, janitors, electricians, plumbers, farm hands, etc. are to report to work;
  7. That apart from the main University and the Basic School entrances, all other auxiliary gates will be locked;
  8. That security measures have been intensified; therefore, all who enter the University campus must wear their University identification cards;
  9. That visitors will not have access to the University campus unless by appointment or with official permission;
  10. That outpatients and other clients must religiously observe personal hygiene practices such as hand washing at the University gates before entry;
  11. That all religious and social gatherings such as worship and sporting events, outings and celebrations have been suspended in the interim;
  12. That the University Basic School has been closed. However, the BECE candidates will continue with their academic work in preparation towards their examinations;
  13. That plans are far advanced to augment the supply of hand sanitizers and Veronica buckets at vantage positions including students’ halls of residence, staff and faculty residences, and all shopping centres;
  14. That all members of the University Community are strongly advised to adhere to the standard protocols outlined by the World Health Organisation to manage the COVID-19 pandemic;
  15. That all should desist from cultural practices and etiquettes such as handshaking and hugging;
  16. That the VVU Hospital Management has directed that all patients be first screened at the entrance of the Hospital building before gaining access into the Hospital;
  17. That the Hospital has created a quarantine facility where patients with extreme temperatures and symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent for further examination or quarantined where necessary;
  18. That faculty, staff, students and external patients who suspect symptoms of Coronavirus infection should not visit the Hospital but rather call on telephone numbers 0501476508 or 0501476509 for the University ambulance to convey them for medical examination;
  19. That the University Hospital will embark on continuous health education programmes through Valley View Radio to sensitise the University and the general public on the COVID-19 pandemic;
  20. That faculty, staff and students returning from abroad must first report to the University Hospital for medical examination before entry into residences or offices;
  21. That the University Relations Office will work in collaboration with the ITS Department to use posters and various social media platforms to educate the University Community and visitors.
In the meantime, the University Administration wishes to encourage its members to comply with the above precautionary measures and those communicated earlier on the various University platforms.
More importantly, we implore the University family to keep faith with God and trust His divine protection in the face of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Be encouraged by the words of Isaiah 40. Keep praying and stay blessed!
The Office of the Registrar
Valley View University
March 16, 2020

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