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  • Valley View University Holds Orientation for Employees

    Orientation programmes are held to tell members of the organization things about the organization. It is a coherent, planned activity that combines information, experiences, and a transmission of the values and culture of the organization, all of which are aimed at giving staff members the foundation they need to do their jobs and to integrate themselves into the organization and the community as easily as possible.

    For this reason, the Valley View University has held series of orientation programmes for all employees to help them gain an understanding of what is expected of them. The programme took employees through set of rules and policies regarding areas such as dress, attendance and conduct, financial obligations, and made it clear what is and is not acceptable. The first session gave members of staff/faculty sense of the organizational culture during this time so they have a better understanding of what they need to do to help grow Valley View University.

    The second took faculty through Information Communication Technology training, which was to help them in their teaching and learning activities with students.

    Speaking at the opening session, the Vice Chancellor of the Valley View University, Prof Daniel Bediako said it is important to make staff knowledgeable and better-prepared, because it builds the organization's reputation in the community, leading to community support and better services.

    He outlined his Seven Point Agenda, which is the goal for the next quinquennium as, “Equilibrating Intellectual Growth and Spiritual/Moral Integrity through Valued-Based Philosophy of Education; Strengthening Academic Excellence through Quality Curricula, Faculty Excellence, and Problem-Based Pedagogy; Strengthening Fiscal Resource Mobilization through Expansion and Efficient Management of University Ventures; Infrastructure Consolidation, Facelift, and Maintenance; Promoting Eco-Friendliness through Sustainable Development , Upkeep, and Development of the Ecological Programme”.

    The rest are, “Rebranding and Enhancing Public Image through Integrated Marketing Strategies; and Strengthening Internal Systems through Participative Decision-Making, Transparency and Accountability, and Mission-Driven Initiatives, Policies and Programmes”.


    The main facilitators for the orientation were Prof Kenneth P. Swansi, Chairperson, Business Department, Associate Dean, and Associate Professor of Economics and Strategic Management at the Adventist International Institute of Advance Studies in Philippines, and Prof Constance C. Nwosu, the Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness for the Babcock University in Nigeria. 

    By Elizabeth Asomani Obeng

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