a) Bediako, D.K. “The Bible and Nation?Building: Exegesis of Daniel 6:1?5, a paper

presented at the annual conference of the Ghana Association of Biblical Exegetes,

January 16?21, 2012, Abokobi, Accra.

b) Bediako, D.K.“Gender and Pastoral Ministry,” a paper presented at the second annual

conference of the Adventist Christian Mission and Ministry in Africa, February 9?11,

2012, Babcock University, Nigeria.

c) Bediako, D.K. “The Use of Nephesh, Ruach, Neshamah, and Khay in the Book of Job,” a

paper presented at the Third International Bible Conference of the Biblical Research

Institute, June 11?20, 2012, Jerusalem, Israel.

d) Bediako, D.K., “Women’s Ordination as Deaconneses in the Seventh?day Adventist

Church: Perceptions of Pastors, teachers and administrators in WAD. A paper presented

at the Annual Meeting of Board of Ministerial and Theological Education (BMTE) held in

Ilishan?Remo, Nigeria, February 2012..


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