VVU Alumnus Bags Valedictorian Award at Nanjing Audit University

Mr. Henry Owusu, an alumnus of VVU has recently been adjudged as the Valedictorian at Nanjing Audit University in China during a graduation ceremony organized by the University in June 2021 for its graduate students.

In an interaction with him, Henry highlighted that the training he had received at Valley View University contributed largely to the attainment of this exceptional feat. In the words of Mr. Owusu, “the discipline, friendly and godly environment offered by VVU was all I needed to get myself ready for the career path I had chosen.  It is no coincidence that the very values of Valley View University are boldly regarded as the required code of conduct for the Accounting profession. Indeed these values have played a vital role in my academics and personal life and it’s on this note I was able to achieve this new feat.”

Further, responding to a question posed by the URD, Henry added in his own words that “though the Covid-19 pandemic made the journey even tougher, I grew in strength and resilience. I must say, I am the most privileged person to have gone through the hands of some of the best, experienced, and trained professionals from Valley View University who impacted me in a very special way. I feel proud to be a product of Valley View University not only for academic related issues but the God factor that has kept me and shaped my way of life.”

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Mr Owusu admitted that the journey towards attaining this feat was very challenging. Especially, he had to juggle his academic work and responsibilities as a student leader and coordinator for student recreational affairs over the period. He put it this way “combining these responsibilities with academic work weren’t easy but it was worth the experience. All these were possible because of the similar roles I had played during my studies at Valley View University.”

Mr Owusu received the valedictorian award following his exceptional academic and leadership acumen he demonstrated in the graduate program, Master of Audit.

Henry puts it succinctly “Bagging a Master of Audit as part of my academic achievements over this period feels incredible. However, I know this is just the beginning of greater tasks ahead and I look forward to even greater successes in the future.”  

Nanjing Audit University (NAU), is the only financial and economic institute of higher education around the world that carries “AUDIT” in its name. It was initially founded in 1983 and assumed its current name in the year 1987. It is generally recognized as one of the prestigious Universities offering the Auditing program in the world.

Valley View University is proud of Henry’s achievements and wishes him well in his endeavors.


URD, July 2021