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21 Feb, 2018
Call for Papers

Call for Papers


The Valley View University Journal of Theology is pleased to announce the Call for Papers.

1. Deadline for Submission of Papers (March 30)

2. 24-hour response of acknowledgment of receipt.

3. Notification of consideration for Peer Review after 72 hours.

4. Reviewers' Report after three weeks.

5. If Publishable results (depending on the nature of corrections) are obtained, the corrected copy must be sent to the editor not more two weeks upon receipt.

6. Authors must strictly follow the Editorial Policy attached. Failure to follow the style (point 2) will automatically disqualify the author.

NOTE: 1. Please, find attached the Policy and SBL Handbook for consideration 

                2. Papers that seek to fill a knowledge gap in theological studies are published. The journal is theological, not multidisciplinary.

             3. Papers are published by their merits. THIS IS NOT A PREDATORY JOURNAL.

Send your articles to the editor:  vvujt@vvu.edu.gh


Editorial Policies


 1.     Each article submitted for publication should be original, unpublished, and written in English. It must be double-spaced and must include an abstract (50-150 words).

2.     The manuscript should follow the reference style and abbreviations in the SBL Handbook (see Patrick H. Alexander et al., eds., The SBL Handbook of Style for Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Early Christian Studies [Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1999], 38-63, 121-152). Because a wider readership is encouraged, Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and other Ancient Near Eastern languages should be transliterated, following the conventions in the SBL Handbook, 25-29.

3.     Each article submitted to VVUJT is sent anonymously to two readers of, but not limited to, the International Review Board who are specialists in that field. The criteria that determine the acceptance of the manuscript include (1) significance of the study, (2) original contribution, (3) logical presentation, and (4) adequate documentation. The final decision on whether or not to publish a particular article is made by the editor in consultation with the editorial board.

4.     Before final publication, each author will receive proofs in electronic format, which must be reworked/corrected (if required), read thoroughly, and returned to the editor within a specified period of time.


Dean, School of Theology and Missions

Dr Daniel Berchie

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