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Congratulations, class of 2020! You were supposed to graduate in July, but Covid-19 did not make this possible. Again, because of the pandemic we have had to confer your degrees on you via the internet. How I wish we could rejoice with you, your family, and friends on our beautiful campuses! Covid-19 notwithstanding, graduation is here. You have made it.

Congratulations! Congratulations on your Graduation!

Graduation is a milestone worth celebrating in the academic journey. Indeed, it has been a journey through rugged paths, over rocks and precipice across mountains and valleys. Sometimes, the struggle involved groping through the dark or wading through the flood. Even before making it finally to the bank of the river, it was a battle with the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic to obtain the crown.

Congratulatory Message from the Graduation Committee
Cherished Graduand,
It's an exciting time of the year where we celebrate our gallant students who have gone through several years of education in this great institution of ours. Just as it is done every year, the Graduation Committee has lined up wonderful activities to commemorate your celebrations and to make sure you have perfect memories of your soon to be Alma mater.