Requirements of Students

Valley View University has established two main periods for graduation, usually, July and December of each academic year. July graduation is the main graduation. Aside the main campus (Oyibi), it grants the opportunity for matching ceremony and degree conferral for students at the respective extension campuses (Techiman and Kumasi). The ceremony is scheduled over a weekend where programs are outlined from Thursday evening to Sunday noon. The University Administration usually sets up a steering committee with the mandate of planning the program.

December graduation is the second session of the main graduation which occurs at the end of the first semester of the academic year. Usually, it is a one-day program. The Registry with the Class Sponsor and Class Executives are responsible for the planning of the entire event.

It is the responsibility of each student to meet the requirements for graduation. A student is eligible to graduate in any of the graduations when the following criteria are met:

  1. Satisfy all academic requirements as set forth in the approved academic bulletin for the program admitted to. If a student has been granted exemptions by the Academic Board, he\she must satisfy the remaining requirements in the academic bulletin set forth for that program for which the exemptions were given. Note, academic bulletin that is 8 years or more does not apply to any student yet to graduate.
  2. Satisfy character and behavioral requirements. A student who is rusticated or under any sanction is not eligible to graduate.
  3. Satisfy the minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) requirement of 2.00.
  4. Satisfy all applicable financial requirements.
  5. Satisfy all other requirements communicated and or implied.

A student who satisfies all the above is eligible to be listed for approval by the Academic Board.

Degree Classification: All undergraduate degrees are classified into four segments on a 4-point scale CGPA.

  1. First Class –   3.60 – 4.00
  2. Second Class Upper Division –   3.25 – 3.59
  3. Second Class Lower Division –   2.50 – 3.24
  4. Third Class –   2.00 – 2.49            


  1. Miscellaneous
    1. Alumni

The outfit of the alumni is a liaison between the graduates and their alma matter. Graduates are to play active role in keeping the association vibrant with contributions that will facilitate the growth of the University.



  1. Graduating Class
    1. A Graduating Class is the entire group of students who have been recommended by the Academic Board for a degree conferral exercise/graduation in a particular period. The University Administration shall be responsible for the election of a sponsor. The Class Sponsor may elect Class Executives (Class Coordinators) by choosing from the various modes to represent the Graduating Class. They shall represent and lead the Class in various issues and most importantly relay information to the entire group.


  1. The Class Coordinators/Executives may come up with various proposals to grace the occasion. Note, proposals and recommendations must be approved by the Sponsor, Steering Committee and the University Administration.


  1. All Class Coordinators/Executives shall be sanctioned for any improper conduct and failure to follow proper procedures.


  1. Provision of Academic Gowns

The University Estate is the outfit that takes care of all issues concerning gowns. During graduations, the outfit decides the best way to serve graduands.


  1. Announcements

`     Official information concerning graduands is usually channeled through the University website, campus notice boards and sometimes SMS message. The Graduating Class Coordinators/Executives may also assist with information flow when approved by the Steering Committee and Class Sponsor.