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Pr Dr Daniel Dei

"Since my undergraduate education in Valley View University (VVU), I've studied at various academic levels in four different local and international universities. Yet the academic experience, desire for excellence, and the urge to be a progressive student-agent of quality value-based education offered by VVU are unsurpassed. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time and obtain more of that solid Christian education!"
With these words, Daniel tells us his life-changing story of how Valley View University has transformed his life to become who he is today. From a graduate with a First Class Honors from Valley View University in 2006, Daniel Dei now holds a PhD in Ethics from the North-West University in South Africa.
Dr Dei is the current Dean for the School of Graduate Studies at Valley View University and with three Masters (Master of Philosophy – Religion and Human Values, Master of Philosophy – Guidance and Counseling, Master of Arts – Religion and Human Values), a Professional Executive Masters in Appropriate Dispute Resolution, a Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies, he is ever ready to use talent and learning experience to make things happen. He has written and co-written articles and publications which have added to academia and religion.
The quality and value-based Christian education offered him at Valley View University from 2006 has been the driving force behind his enthusiastic desire to pursue excellence in whatever he does.
Dr Dei aims to become an accomplished Theologian and human scientist by improving upon personal traits and skills, and to serve people in his country and the rest of humanity by performing pastoral services that meet his competencies, capabilities, skills, education, and experiences.

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