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Albert Kweku Imbrah joined Valley View University on March 1, 2006 having been appointed to set up and run the University’s Human Resource Department. This was because up until the time the Human Resource function of the University was jointly undertaken by the Offices of the President, the Vice President, Academic Administration and the Vice President, Financial Administration. His experience at Valley View University spans three administrations with each serving for a quinquennium.

He has a broad knowledge in managing, organising, and supporting the day-to-day operations of an educational institution. He is noted for his ability to combine flexibility with strong team-working skills. He cherishes the initial coaching and mentorship by the late Mr. Paul K. Arhin and Dr. Joseph Sefenu, both former Deputy Registrars of the University of Cape Coast. Even though the system of administration operated at Valley View University at the time differed in many ways from that of the traditional Ghanaian Universities, Albert Kweku Imbrah kept informing himself of the workings of the university systems with constant consultations, seminars and professional development programmes. He has acquired extensive managerial experience relevant to the workings of the administrative apparatus of the tertiary academic landscape and to the current administrative system of the University during these fifteen years. He served as Acting Registrar on a countless number of occasions and until his appointment served as the Recording Secretary of the University’s Governing Council since January 2016.  He is adept at managing tasks, possessing strong leadership qualities and good problem-solving skills

Albert Kweku Imbrah is a product of the Albert Sam and Maxwell Rub Preparatory Schools, both of Cape Coast, as well as the Kamina Barracks Experimental and the Garrison Primary Schools of Tamale and Burma Camp respectively. He also attended the Aggrey Memorial Zion Secondary School as well as the Komenda Teacher Training College both in the Central Region of Ghana. He sat for his Advanced Level Examination as a private candidate three months upon completion of his three-year Teachers’ Certificate ‘A’. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science (Economics and Sociology) from the University of Cape Coast, a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and a Master of Arts degree (Human Resource Management option) also from the University of Cape Coast. He is also a member of the Institute of Human Resource Practitioners, Ghana with several management and leadership certificates.

With extensive experience of the workings of the administrative machinery of the contemporary tertiary academic landscape coupled with his strong leadership capabilities, the Registrar’s collaborative vision is to engender an administrative apparatus that ensures that the University becomes a leading centre of excellence for value-based Christian Education.



Albert Kweku Imbrah


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