Valley View University   

Valley View University Anthem

You are so dear, You give us balanced living;

Christ is so near, You train for humanity.

Through Excellence, Integrity and Service;

Valley View sends us to the world with peace.

Rising to the task, Serving till the last

Human on earth shall receive and prize the right.

V V U glows the world with Hope and Light!


Bright V V U, Premier, private Varsity,

Ghana needs you, The vanguard of unity.

From nations far and near, we learn together

To help our fatherlands to grow higher.

Sharing God's desire, Living to inspire

The young, old, rich and the poor to heights unknown.

V V U leads to bright and golden dawn.


Radiant You are, your expectations guide us;

Into a life that no one else can give us.

True diligence in labour we are seeking;

Valley View grants us this through God's leading.

Working day and night, Doing what is right;

Until a soul shall revive and sprout from gloom.

V V U guides us make some lives to bloom.

(Pastor Emmanuel O. Abbey - Sept. 2011)


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Mile 19 Off the Adenta-Dodowa Road

    • Telephone +233 307011832

    • Address P.O. Box AF 595 Adentan

    • Photo Credit: University Website Upgrade and Social Media Group, SQ Graphy & Annishot
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