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The Executive Committee of the Valley View University Academic Board at its meeting held on Wednesday 25th March 2020 passed the following resolutions for a PARTIAL LOCKDOWN to control the Coronavirus pandemic within and outside its boundaries:
  1. Apart from the main gate, all other gates must remain locked. The main gate will be closed to traffic at 9 pm.
  2. Barricades will be placed at the main access road into the campus and the streets leading to faculty blocks and hostels.
  3. Vehicles are permitted to use only the stretch linking the University Hospital, Bakery and Prudential Bank. No vehicle will be allowed into the campus except vehicles of (1) the University, (2) residents on campus, (3) off-campus faculty and staff, (4) those visiting the Hospital, Ventures, and Prudential bank.
  4. Families in residence are encouraged to stay in their apartments and should not allow their children to move around the campus.
  5. Residents on campus who work outside shall mandatorily obtain permission for late return.
  6. Students who have been allowed to remain on campus must confine themselves to their hostels and the campus. These students must eat only from the Cafeteria.
  7. Exeat may be granted to students by the Acting Dean, Student Life and Services, under emergency and exceptional conditions. A student will not be allowed to go outside or come inside the campus without wearing their ID cards. Any student who contravenes the directives and leaves the University premises will not be allowed to return to the campus.
  8. No visitor shall be allowed to access any part of the campus including offices, hostels, classrooms, etc. until further notice.
  9. Some essential staff such as those at ITS, Cafeteria, Bakery, Water Production Unit, Grounds and Sanitation, Security, Hospital and Farms will be housed on campus until the current condition improves. Where the services of a staff are critically needed but that staff lives off-campus and does not own a private car, the University will provide transportation.
  10. Deans, Directors, Faculty, Account Officers and Faculty Officers will work from their respective homes or may be called to discharge some responsibilities in their offices when needed.
  11. All official meetings shall convene online.
  12. The Security Department is empowered to rigorously enforce all the directives for the safety of the University community.
Valley View University passionately appeals to its employees, students, stakeholders, and the general public to cooperate with the institution and comply with the interim directives to assist in controlling the spread of Coronavirus. We pray for divine intervention to stop the menace.
Dated on 25th March 2020

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