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VVU Commences Worship in the New Chapel Building

The Valley View University has begun worshipping in the New Chapel which has been under construction for some time now.  Hitherto, the main services have been held at the Seth Laryea Multi-Purpose Centre.

The University Chaplain has explained that the use of the new building though not completed, has the following benefits:  It can be used solely for worship services.  Also worshipping in the new building will serve the purpose of bringing together all church members of the University community under one roof since the chapel has a seating capacity of 5,000.

The maiden sermon was based on the topic: “Our eyes are upon you” which was taken from the key text found in 2 Chronicles 20:12.  In his admonition, the chaplain emphasized that as our world draws closer and closer to the “end of the age”, we also shall face crises that defy human solution.  However, in spite of the current environmental, economic and socio-moral decadence and political upheavals, “our eyes” must be firmly fixed upon the Lord, who alone can rescue His people as He did in times of old.

Because the chapel is yet to be completed, the chaplain made an appeal.  According to him the estimated budget is GH₵6,000,000.  He therefore urged members to continue to support the project since according to him our work for the Lord shall not be in vain.

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