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Personal Branding Seminar

Valley View University as part of its corporate responsibility tends to empower and groom students. This is why the office of the Career Services holds two (2) seminars in every Semester.

The February 4th, 2020 Seminar was blessed to have Mr. David Ampofo-Nkrumah, a Talent Acquisition and Learning Specialist at Unilever Ghana to present on Personal Branding, with the intention of preparing students to have employable skills employers look for. Personal branding refers to how an individual carries himself/herself out of which makes him/her presentable and marketable to potential employers. To Jessie Maltin, personal branding “is the story people tell about you when you are not around.”

Mr. Ampofo-Nkrumah, cautioned students to be mindful of their behaviours on both online and offline. Explaining further that people Google you at every stage of your career. Thus, a remark made today could be damaging to your career and vice versa.

He indicated that in promoting what one stands for, one must be abreast with social media. One should have social media presence like LinkedIn, Facebook, whatsApp accounts, etc. “You are to note that social media should reflect your offline image to create a proper public image about you.” He said and I quote.

He explained that social media is currently a means for selecting and hiring employees. Human Resource Managers google applicants’ information to know who they are and what they do.

He stated why Personal Branding matters. He quoted Kevin Stimpson saying that, “Having a personal brand is important now… People connect with people.”

Mr. David Ampofo-Nkrumah disclosed that proper presentation of oneself opens promotions at the workplace, partnerships for start-up/business, speaking engagements and product ambassadorship.

He encouraged students never to underestimate their brand; students should be intentional in marketing themselves well. “A great brand starts with understanding who you are, what you stand for, understanding your marketplace, and understanding your positioning” – Re Perez. He quoted.

Mr. Ampofo-Nkrumah advised that personal branding grants a unique identity.  Students therefore, must create their brand identity to drive brand image. They must learn to have their own unique brands. Even though they can learn from others, they must not try to please people. Because everyone is unique and must have their own good and unique brands.

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