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An Act of Bravery - Diane Yeboah quenches fire at E. G. White Hall

Diane Yeboah, a level 400 student at the Valley View University and a resident at the Ellen G. White Hall of the main campus, Oyibi displayed bravery in quenching a fire that started at the Ellen G. white Hall on 21st December, 2019.

Diane as she’s popularly known, said, she overheard some noise and screams and decided to find out. Upon getting to where the noise was, she met a lot of crowd and noticed that it was as result of a fire looming out of the main switch at the ground floor.

Initially, she had wanted to run away too but she decided to encourage others to do something about it. “Let’s try to do something” she said. No one obliged so she decided to try the fire extinguisher for the first time without even knowing how to operate it. The first attempt failed but after several attempts, she eventually ended up quenching the fire on the ground floor and realized there was another switch at the first floor which was equally looming out fire, she immediately took another fire extinguisher and quenched it as well.

Fortunately, no items were recorded destroyed and no one got hurt during this unfortunate incident. Her bravery saved the students, the Ellen G. White Hall and the University as whole.

As a result of Dianes’ bravery and sacrifice, the University Management as a token of appreciation, has offered her a tuition-free for one academic year (2019/2020 academic year).

Additionally, the University Relations Office (URO) was directed to prepare a write-up on her heroics and upload same on the University website.

The University Administration remains indebted to her for the act of bravery and concern for both life and property at the expense of her own life.

The University is proud of her bravado and pray that her selfless commitment to duty on that day would be emulated by other students at all times, especially, in the protection of property belonging to others and the State as a whole"

May the Almighty God grant her good health as she goes through her academic journey.


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