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Silicon Valley in VVU

No, that's not a typo. Silicon Valley isn't just where you think it is. There's one in VVU. 


An original, authentic and raw silicon Valley has been bred in VVU and is still breeding. Raw because here, talents are discovered in its very essence just as given by God, tamed, trained and launched. 


The ICT Expo is proof of that. 


It's a tech event put together and hosted by the computer science and engineering department of Valley View University. 


Students from different high schools were present, representing their schools and increasing their knowledge of tech.


The Dean, Hod, Alumni's, past Dean's, founders and CEOs of tech companies were present as well as the representative of the Acting VC, Prof William


The chairman of the day, Prof. William, on behalf of the acting VC, delivered an executive speech giving gratitude and honor to whom adn where it is due. Prof Dzidonu were one of those honored because of his integral role in bringing to reality the computer science department we see today. 


You know the saying success has history? Well, the success of VVU computer science department has history, it didn't just happen, someone made it happen, his name is Prof Dzidonu.


And presently he's the President of Accra Institute of Technology.

Man is a legend. He has been called a notable computer science educator.


Prof showed us legendary speech giving style, his speech was projected, a digital speech you may say. It's a tech world indeed. 


In his speech after being presented his award, one would say he's incredibly modest, a man that started an entire department, said 'he didn't think he deserved the award'. He took humility to a whole new level. So, Professor, you are deserving of your award even more. 


Pr. Prince Yaw Owusu Amoako presented awards to the key contributors in the department, starting with the founding member and dean of the Computer science department, Prof. Dzidonu. 


Other recipients of these awards were the former deans of the department and key contributors like Winfred Lakortey who's now Rector, VVU Kumasi Campus. 


Alumni's like Mr. Charles Adjetey who lectured in the university and now lecturing at another university. 


Ms. Winifred Kotin an alumni who's the co-founder and COO of superfluid lab. 


As the representative of the Alumni's of the computer science department, she gave a speech that is heart warming, she encouraged students who didn't know what career choice to pursue on how VVU can be of great help as it was to her. 


Students presented their tech projects and you will be amazed at what the young people in VVU are building. 


For example:


An operating systems that is unhackable called Trend OS by Michael Damoah


A smart hand washing system by Elikplim Atefoe and Braimah Peter Isaac, I tell you this is a game changer in this era of Covid.


Amongst others...



The future is here.



Simply put, VVU is a valley of limitless possibilities.

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