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The 5 Star University of Ghana

The use of clichés is fast becoming the norm. Not often will you come across words that is not used as a cliché and its value isn’t stripped off. One of those words is ‘Excellence’.

That particular word has been used often, abusively, out of context etc. But Valley View University have used it honorably and to the letter. And the proof of this is in the Kumasi Campus of VVU. 

VVU will never cease to amaze anyone that comes in contact with her. It’s so amazing that when organizations branch out, they lose their essence and quality but not VVU. As they plant campuses all over Ghana, they are even more excellent, of fine quality and I dare say Exclusive.

The exclusivity of VVU’s Kumasi campus is not one that snobs you but one that brings you in and shows you what makes you special and actually makes you exclusive when put head to head with others. They are exclusive to make YOU exclusive and not to exclude you.

That is why I called it the 5 star University of Ghana.

It is different, unique, serene, aesthetically pleasing with an ambience that is relaxing. When you step into the Kumasi Campus, you are immediately engulfed with the passion to do better with your life, to study, to stand out and to be, that word again, ‘exclusive’.

So if you want to have a holistic 5 star Exclusive education, go to VVU Kumasi Campus.

As if that is not all, the Kumasi Campus has got a classy, eloquent, visionary, gentleman for a Rector, who is in charge of that campus, which means that the campus is in the most capable hands. I have no doubt that in a few short years, he will transform that campus to be the 5 star exclusive, elegant University campus in West Africa not just Ghana.

 Oh, did I say Elegant? Yes, I did. Per my request, I convinced the Rector to describe the Kumasi Campus in one word, it took him a while but he said “elegant” and boy was he right?

And that’s not all, he said, ‘it will be a center where different people can come in and have peace, relax and still learn. Where leaders can be groomed, and catchy programs that can bring unique and special people will be taught’. 


That one got me because more than anything, we need more leaders in the land and with the Infrastructure put in place and more to come, I have no doubt that they will pull this off.

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