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VVU 27th Congregation Graduation Ceremony Kumasi Campus 2021

Almost 20 delegates from the main campus were sent to this graduation showing that VVU is a family, regardless of where the campus is located.
The sub chiefs were present in their traditional regalia, underneath the royal umbrella held by a visible hand, giving the graduation a touch of monarchy.

The amiable acting VC came in with his Car and entourage, oh sorry, 2 principal officers.

The Kumasi graduands looked expectant, satisfied and bright in their light blue and black gowns for the master’s and bachelor’s degree graduands respectively.
And at the same time they were somewhat struggling with their gowns and caps. Who can blame them? It's not like we get 4 years of wearing graduation gowns practice, because what does it matter? They might not know how to wear their gowns but they certainly can go out there to the labor market and deliver on what they came to study at VVU, trust VVU students to deliver.

Right by the gate, you can see Photographers busy, hustling to get someone to take a picture. What can we say? Respect a man's hustle.

The procession of the graduands led by the registrar of Kumasi campus was a beautiful sight to behold. The gentle stroke in steps, the calm music in the background all boil down to one word, 'magnificence'. I mean who needs run way models when you can simply just watch VVU students walk in their graduation gowns.

And then came the faculty officers who walked in beautifully and if you could see them, you’d know that I was right when I described them in one word 'power'.

One day we will speak of the stand out amongst them all, in the persons of the Dean of School of Business, the Dean of School of Education and the Dean of Graduate school.

The vice chancellor party was awe-mazing. One word can describe them 'Royalty'. Let's make that two words and add 'Legacy'.

We can't forget the parents, loved ones and well-wishers of the graduands sitting and looking proud. I mean who wouldn't. It's a thing of pride to either say you're a graduate of VVU or that your child/ward is.
The ceremony commenced with the University Chaplain opening the floor with a prayer. And the choir as usual gave beautiful renditions of diverse songs that had all present singing and nodding along.

The Kumasi campus graduands are the most active and cheerful of them all. They danced, sang along and didn’t let anyone stop their shine – and that’s the spirit of VVU graduation.

The magnificent looking and royal speaking Guest Speaker, Oheneba Owusu Afriyie IV- Asantehene’s Apadwahene gave a beautiful speech. In his speech, he challenged graduands to think wide, big and outside the box. To challenge themselves and the sky is their limit.

He didn’t stop there, he pledged 2,000 cedis with the guest of honor, Mr. Isaac Owusu to help in the continued building of the school.
The guest of honor, in his address, admonished the graduands to embrace the challenges ahead and overcome it.

Finally, the graduands were called out according to their respective departments and classes and awarded accordingly. As well as inducted into the VVU Alumni association.

It was a serene ceremony, and to the entire VVU family, I say Aiyekoo because you deserve it.

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