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The VVU Advantage

There are very few things that require very careful consideration before deciding on. And one of those will be the institution you decide to call your Alma Mata. The impact of that institution, the certificate issued there will go and live with you for the rest of your life, so it’s imperative you choose not just wisely but circumspectly.
That is why you need the VVU advantage.
You might wonder what that is.
The VVU advantage is the opportunity given to anyone who attends Valley View University to be competitive in the world. By passing through this regal institution, you already have an advantage at life.
Martin Luther King Jr. famously said that, ‘Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
So, if you want true education, Valley View University is exactly where to get that.
True education is one where you mind, heart, Spirit is educated, thereby giving birth to a strong character, one that positions you as a leader. In VVU, it is called holistic education, that is, the education of the individual totally and wholly. This is not something easy to do, that’s why it’s can’t be found everywhere but VVU knows the importance of the quality of individuals sent out to the world. If they are of fine quality, then the society will be too.
That is the VVU advantage.
And it’s not just in the educational system, it’s in the hospitality and golden character of the leadership: the deans, lecturers and staff, who are friendly, full of life, young at heart, vibrant, healthy, optimistic, simple, and who are not afraid to laugh.
Those are the kind of people you need teaching and leading your academic year. People you can trust, talk to and who you can bet have your best interest at heart.
It’s also in the results produced by the school even outside of the campus, for example, the HOD of the Nursing department, Dr. Mrs. Stella Appiah emerged as the Best Researcher for the year 2021 at the National Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Dinner and Awards held at the Kempinsky Hotel.
On the same day, an alumna of VVU, Christiana Adubea Koranteng was also adjudged as the Best Nurse in the Greater Accra Region and the 2nd Up Nationally during the 2021 GRNMA Dinner and Awards Night at Kempinsky Hotel.

VVU heads are busy on campus raising the next leaders, and when they are outside the campus, they are also competitive. That’s the kind of people you can trust to teach you, it means they know what they are on about, it means they are not teaching you things that can’t stand external scrutiny.

It’s no surprise their students do the same even when they’ve left the school because VVU truly prepares you for the outside world, just like Christina as seen in the picture.

That is the VVU advantage and everyone needs a little advantage in their life. In VVU, it is served on a platter for you to savor.

On behalf of VVU, we say a huge congratulations and thank you Dr. Stella for your labor of love, to Christina, on behalf of the VVU Alumni, we are extremely proud of you, keep flying high!

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