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Valley View University Garden of Renown Makes First Harvest

The Garden of Renown of Valley View University made their first harvest after submitting their First Fruit to the Lord a day before (May 22. 2023). The Garden of Renown is a sustainable-farming model based on Ezekiel 34:29.

Freshly plucked organically grown Summer Squash, as captured in all their attractive array of different colors, sizes, and shapes, went as samples to the prospective patrons in their various communities. The recipients of the samples with whom the University has begun business relations include representatives from Melcom (Mohammed) Palace Mall (Basam) Agripak (Mabel), Urban Jungle Agro Industries Ltd (Selorm), and the University community and Cafeteria (Naomi).

The Squash from this farm, just like the other growing crops, is not just appetizing and mouthwatering to see, but they also come with all their natural health benefits the Creator gifted to us (see

The other growing vegetables and fruits in our farms include Spring Onion, Carrot, Okra, Sweet Pepper, Aubergine (Garden Eggs, Eggplant), Lettuce, Cucumber, Pineapple, Mango, Orange, and counting. We also have grains (Yellow Corn, Sweet Corn), tubers (Cassava, Yam) and a firm Nursery House with the capacity to produce 20, 000-40,000 seedlings (of various plants) per month for interested farmers and home-gardeners.

Wherever you are, you’re not excluded—do benefit from and contribute to our sustainable human and environmental health efforts. Visit our farm; Eat from us!

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