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Valley View University Signs MOU with CSIR to Train 1000 Bakers, Processors, Farmers, and Youth in Composite Flour Technology

Valley View University has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CSIR Food Research Institute to promote composite flour technology in Ghana by building the capacity of bakers, pastry makers, processors, farmers, and youth. This project is to be supported by the Ghana Skills Development Fund.


Almost every home in Ghana eat bread and/or pastries every day. These products are conventionally made solely from wheat flour which are imported into the country. The depreciation of the cedi over the past years has caused a phenomenal increase in the prices of bread and pastries due to the rising cost in importing wheat flour into the country. The case has been worsened by the Russia- Ukraine war. Market research and evidence-based reports gathered by Valley View University indicate that Ghana can save $2 billion every year if wheat flour is substituted with 20% composite flour in making bread and pastries. Sadly, this has not happened because the technology of producing and using flour from local crops has not been fully adopted due to the fact that flour producers and users have less knowledge in the technology. Luckily, some institutions such as the CSIR and Valley View University have found a way of replacing wheat flour with flours made of cassava, potato, yam, cocoyam, and soybean in making bread and pastries. Bakery products produced in this way are less expensive and more nutritious.


The collaboration will build the capacity of 1000 bakers, farmers, processors, entrepreneurs, and youth in the technology of producing quality flour from cassava, potato, cocoyam, and soybean for the production of bread and pastries in Ghana. This program is expected to be completed within a period of 6 months. With this technology, bakers and pastry makers can increase their profit margin by 140%. Farmers and processors will also earn additional income by adding value to local crops. Again over 100 jobs would be created along the flour value chain.

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